Art news from ‘Iosif Király’

Salt Beyoğlu, Istanbul: subREAL

SubREAL May 8 – August 11, 2013 SALT Beyoğlu subREAL at SALT Beyoğlu comprises a selection of works from the retrospective exhibition that took place at The National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest (MNAC) in 2012. The artistic practice of the “action group” subREAL undertakes political, social and cultural criticism with a sharp sense of humor […]

Galeria Propaganda, Warsaw: The Poetics of Politics

Gabi Stamate / Me in the TV, b/w photography, 20×16 cm each, 1989 The Poetics of Politics Galeria Propaganda, Warsaw, Poland Opening: Thursday, 14th June 2012, at 6 p.m. Artists: Olimpiu Bandalac, Ciprian Chirileanu, Euroartist Bucureşti, Suzana Fântânariu, Constantin Flondor, Teodor Graur, House pARTy, Iosif Király, Sorin Oncu, Christian Paraschiv, Marilena Preda Sânc, Valeriu Șchiau,  […]

Call for Papers – workshop The SECRET POLICE ARCHIVES – Interdisciplinary Approach

Workshop: The SECRET POLICE ARCHIVES – Interdisciplinary Approaches Date of workshop: May 11, 2012 Date of Exhibition: May 4 – 19, 2012 Location: PLATFORMA space (part of National Museum of Contemporary Art Annex, Calea Moşilor 62-68, 1st floor, Bucharest) Institutional Partners: THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART (Bucharest) THE NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR THE STUDY OF […]