Art news from ‘Inda Gallery’

INDA Gallery: Come with me

COME WITH ME 20. march 2014. – 18. april 2014. Come With Me, 2014 CSONTÓ, LAJOS Lajos Csontó's works are based on a simple observation: "Behind the everyday facade of the world there is another, hidden world." The exhibition shows us a glimpse of this world, with its title, COME WITH ME, appearing as a […]


FORGETTING THE CONTINENTS 06 february 2014. – 07 march 2014. Zsófia Szemző tackles the current social, economical, global and ecological issues of reality, and often expresses them in the form of evanescent or location-specific installations using drawings, photographs and texts; and she also thinks beyond reality, in associations that produces surrealistic drawings. Sometimes, the versatile […]

Inda Galeria, Budapest: ANTHEM

Anthem Kicsiny, Balázs 16. may 2013. – 12. july 2013. Anthem, 2013, site-specific work in three parts plaster, metal, fishing wire, thread, wood, second hand dress, chandelier, billiard textile, billiard balls, parachute harness, watch The important thing is to pull yourself up by your own hair

Inda Gallery, Budapest: Perhaps in Space

Marianne Csaky Perhaps in Space 11 april 2013 – 10 may 2013 Marianne Csáky lives and works in Brussels. For years she spent months in Korea and China, where she participated in exhibitions and residence programs, gave lectures

Inda Gallery: It is not so hard to make some art…

20. february 2013 – 14. march 2013 We Love You, 2012 Kamen Stoyanov's artistic practice bears a resemblance to that of an activist, who does not address his audience based on party politics, instead he only wants to end the general passivity. His works invite us to a serious game executed with humour, irony, as […]

Inda Gallery, Budapest: BAGATELLE

BAGATELLE 12. december 2012. – 25. january 2013. Ádám Szabó once again exhibits video works that recorded simple phenomena, whose models are uniquely carved sculptures. Without the objects, the video works could be mistaken for natural processes recorded for scientific purposes. The fine, barely noticeable movements are the results of long hours of hard, physical […]

INDA Galéria, Budapest: Playground

Playground 13. june 2012. – 20. july 2012. Artists: Ágnes Hardi  sculptor Rita Kiss sculptor István Máriás aka Pista Horror artist Ottó Szabó sculptor Márton Emil Tóth sculptor   "The contemporary artist is like today's DJ," says Nicolas Bourriaud, French art critic, "'re-uses', mixes found effects, places them in new contexts, and gives new meaning, […]

INDA Galéria, Budapest: Microsolutions

Microsolutions To Mega Problems, 2012 Microsolutions – exhibition of András Nagy and András Ravasz 11 april 2012 – 18 may 2012 The two artists, who have known each other for long, exhibits their carefully selected photographs and photo-manipulations. The artists worked together on the idea and concept of the exhibition, resulting in two units of […]

INDA Galéria, Budapest: FREE WILL

Koronczi, Endre FREE WILL szabad akarat 25. january 2012. – 09. march 2012. The existence of the classical idea of freedom has obviously become the subject of an increasing incredulity, and for the individual, the field where it could come to fruition to a small degree is decreasing. Endre Koronczi's exhibition expresses the same incredulity, […]

Inda Gallery, Budapest: ASTEROID

Martin, Henrik, Asteroid 02., 2011, basalt, 11,1 x 8,3 x 6,3 cm (on copper plane) Asteroid 23. november 2011. – 06. january 2012. Martin, Henrik Asteroids, meteors, death planets, virtual cosmic plants in space and two dimensions, sans narrative, displaying the unknown world by their sheer existence. New York is not destroyed like in Armageddon, […]