Art news from ‘Galerija Vn’

VN Gallery: To Whom Does the World Belong?

Thursday 17th October, 7-9pm. Galerija VN, Ilica 163a, 10 000 Zagreb Join us on Thursday 17th October at 7pm, for a conversation between a political and cultural theorist Gal Kirn and artist Margareta Kern, which will be followed by a general discussion. The conversation will reflect on and contextualise the current exhibition at Galerija […]

Galerija Vn: Marijan Crtalić- Present moment of the history

In Yugoslavian self-management socialist regime, all worker's facilities and spaces were owned by workers themselves. In the beginning of 90s, parallel with establishment of Croatian independence, process of transition and privatization, industrial and residential Factory spaces that were once owned by workers were now transformed in state property and then sold to various private companies […]