Art news from ‘Galerija SIZ’

Galerija SIZ, Rijeka: E6-YU

E6-YU – Ištvan Išt Huzjan SIZ Gallery 2013 program in Mali salonu, Korzo 24, 51000 Rijeka 27th of June – 6th of July 2013 Exhibition opening: 27th of June 2013. at 8pm* E6-YU is a performance and a solo exhibition of a young Slovene artist Ištvan Išt Huzjan that deals with the artist's journey between […]

Galerija SIZ: Hudrada – “Court Experiment”

7th – 28th February 2013. Exhibition opening 7th of February 2013. at 8pm* From 7pm members of Ukrainian multidisciplinary curatorial collective Hudrada will be present in the gallery and will present to the interested audience specific cases of court proceedings, which have motivated this project and the context in which the works in the exhibition […]

Galerija SIZ: Fokus Grupa – A Proposal for the Monument to the New (Inter)Nationalism

January 10th – January 30th 2013 Exhibition opening: January 10th 2013, 8:00 p.m.* “National landscapes use their nature, in which image and reality are intertwined, in order to naturalize the nation’s legitimacy. Like the altar, the image of the national landscape summarizes their complexity into visual clarity,” Paul Wilson The starting point of the film […]

Ivan Moudov- “Performing an Exhibition”

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 Delta 5, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia After a one-month stay in Kamov Residency in Rijeka, Ivan Moudov will present his work in a solo exhibition at the Siz gallery. He will present his well-known work Romanian Trick as a site-specific video-installation, as well as his newest work Performing Time. It is a […]

SIZ Gallery, Rijeka: Caput Mortuum

June 14 at 6:00pm until July 2 at 2:00pm in UTC+02 In caput mortuum, Alexi Kukuljevic (USA) extends his interest in questions of reflexivity, identity and its deformations and the material resistance to the imposition of form. A phrase used by both Hegel and Marx to refer to a pure abstraction, a form absolutely empty […]