Art news from ‘Galeria Art Warsaw’

Galeria Art, Warsaw: Paintings in interiors

Edward Dwurnik Paintings in interiors Splashes of paint, explosions of colour. No motif, no plot, no architecture, neither sky nor earth, neither top nor bottom. Only pure abstraction and the sheer joy of painting. Edward Dwurnik as an abstractionist? The painter of towns and cities and their typical Polish ‘face’ – yes, we have all […]

Galeria ART, Warsaw: Holy Mother!

Jacek Łydżba Holy Mother! December 2011 Andy Warhol had a church in his native Pittsburg, while Jacek Łydżba has the Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa. Has pop art perhaps grown out of the sacrum? A few months ago the Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano described Warhol as a religious artists – his pious childhood, his liking for […]

Galeria Art, Warsaw: I had a dream

Katarzyna Karpowicz By Małgorzata Czyńska, Wojciech Tuleya I had a dream December 2011 "I have forgotten one can be so young," says Homo Faber, the eponymous character from the Max Frisch’s novel, seeing Sabeth – a girl with a horse tail. She’s smart, pretty and curious about the world. She’s becoming an adult and she […]

GaleriaArt, Warsaw: The Idea Hidden in Things

Maria Kiesner’s exhibition – ‘The Idea Hidden in Things’ The image of architecture in the architecturally sophisticated interiors. The exhibition of Maria Kiesner’s paintings in the IdeaMM Studio is an ideal solution for fans of painting and design. Young art against the background of the classics of world-class design. A painting or a couch? Come […]