Art news from ‘Erika Baglyas’

Park Gallery, MOM Park, Budapest: Think about Your Future Well in Advance!

Erika BAGLYAS: Think about Your Future Well in Advance! – Park Gallery Opening: 26 June, 2013. Wednesday, 7 p.m. Opening speech by: Pál GERBER, artist Curator: Annamária MOLNÁR / Ani Molnár Gallery Address: Park Gallery, MOM Park (1123 Budapest, Alkotás utca 53.), 1st floor, entrance from Fórum Square Open until: 5 January, 2014.

Godot Galéria, Budapest: Rectification

Erika Baglyas, Erik Mátrai   Rectification (Installation to a general state of being) 20.02 – 17.03.2012   We looked around, and we saw that everything was upside-down. While we go about our business, the ceiling is under our feet. The surface of things has gone beneath, and the reverse is on top. And something is […]