Art news from ‘DRDOVA GALLERY’

Drdova Gallery, Prague: GHOSTS

KW + Q: Ghosts the exhibition lasts till August 10 The Ghost as a Synonym of Existential Questions Hardly any artist manages to stick to a single way of expression all his life and still be successful.  Although he creates a little and with pauses, the artist known as KW has accomplished this model. However, […]

Drdova Gallery, Prague: As I Added Before

Jan Nálevka As I Added Before 19.04.2013 – 01.06.2013 2012-13, drawing by blue pen on A4 office paper, 500 sheets The title of Jan Nálevka’s exhibition apparently alludes to “something” that has already been said. The artist wants us to rake our memory to see whether we know what has

DRDOVA GALLERY: Environment of Time

08.02.2013 – 23.03.2013 Michal Škoda Environment of Time Curator Terezie Nekvindová Michal Škoda has been working on his cycle Time and Environment since 2011 (besides his even more personal Records, authorial books and other projects). Created during a regular and orderly work in a studio, the cycle consists of records serving as a visual journal. […]