Art news from ‘Dirimart Gallery’

Dirimart Gallery, Istanbul: SHIRIN NESHAT

SHIRIN NESHAT 10 May 2013 – 15 June 2013 Curated by Heinz Peter Schwerfel OPENING 10 May 2013 2012 – Bahram (Villians), from The Book of Kings series251,5 x 125,7 cm

Dirimart Gallery, Istanbul: CHROME

CHROME PETER ZIMMERMANN  April 4 – May 6, 2013 Fuel, 2013, epoxy resin on canvas, 180x130cm Peter Zimmermann’s works re-interpret the notion of traditional painting by using digital manipulation toabstract the original photos they are based on,

Dirimart, Istanbul: Bahar Oganer-Dreamland

Between the dates December 27- January 26, Dirimart presents Bahar Oganer’s  new exhibition ‘Dreamland’. In her new series Dreamland, Oganer depicts the young woman figure with her  back facing the viewer used in her auto portraits symbolizing herself in a new  spatial dimension. The open and closed urban spaces in her previous works, are converted into […]

Dirimart Gallery, Istanbul: CAN YOU SPELL MIXING

2011 Untitled | 183 x 123  Acrylic on Canvas, Photo: Olaf Bergmann Copyright: VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, and Katharina Grosse CAN YOU SPELL MIXING KATHARINA GROSSE June 21 – September 3, 2012 Katharina Grosse – the artist who touches the colors and objects to change them into marvelous forms, who makes the hard and dominant traces […]


PICTURES FROM THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH Wim Wenders’ Photography Exhibition is at Dirimart May 17 — June 16, 2012 Wim Wenders is renowned for both his oeuvre as a moviemaker and a photographer. His series “Pictures from The Surface of the Earth” that transmit the mythic affects of the memory of the space will […]

Dirimart Istanbul: Transit: Again/Always/Forever

Under the Red Mosque, 2012, Mixed media on dibond, 195 x 150 cm Dirimart Presents “Transit: Again/Always/Forever” by Franz Ackermann April 7 – May 13, 2012 Franz Ackermann mesmerizes the viewers by transforming our perception of reality. Employing a radiantly colored landscape of shapes, Ackermann investigates the themes of cultural commodification, globalism and urban generation. […]

Dirimart Gallery, Istanbul: It Will All End in Tears

It will All End in Tears, 2006, 20:00 min, Anamorphic 35mm Courtesy: Galerie Perrotin, Paris Copyright © Jesper Just 2006 Dirimart Garibaldi Presents Jesper Just “It Will All End in Tears” March 15 – April 11, 2012 Dirimart Garibaldi is pleased to present the screening of “It Will All End in Tears”- the meditative, cryptic […]

Dirimart Garibaldi Gallery, Istanbul: Asylum

2001/2002 Asylum | 14:15 min  1-channel short film version Courtesy the artist and ARNDT Berlin Dirimart Garibaldi Presents “Asylum” by Julian Rosefeldt January 5 – January 27, 2012 German artist Julian Rosefeldt records the paradigms of the present while demonstrating a detailed fiction in a theatrical fashion and urges the viewers to reconsider their prejudices […]

Dirimart Gallery, Istanbul: IN TIME and RHYTHM

EBRU UYGUN  “IN TIME and RHYTHM” 06 January-7 February 2012 Dirimart is pleased to present Ebru Uygun’s second solo show at the gallery “In Time and Rhythm”. Uygun’s large-scale works grow into re-defined paintings through their process-based technique. The application and reapplication, then, creates sculpture-like forms in 3-D on the presented canvas. Uygun’s most recent […]

Dirimart Gallery, Istanbul: Two Erasing Principles

Sarah Morris, SM Outlined, (Initials) 2011. Household gloss paint on canvas, 214 x 214 cm. Sarah Morris' First Show In Turkey, Two Erasing Principles and Chicago 14 September–22 October 2011     Sarah Morris has won worldwide acclaim for her panoramic portraits of American metropolises, which were given new form through both her films and paintings […]