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Daugava Gallery, Riga: Activities in Artist`s Studio

Alberts Francisks Pauliņš Activities in Artist`s Studio 21.08. – 14.09.2013 Odor of Turpentine. 2012. Oil on cardboard, 97×146 "Alberts Pauliņš – a painter of Tukums", might be the most apt statement of him as an artist and a man with his own destiny and mission. "As years go by, I get more and more convinced […]

Daugava Gallery, Riga: Different Years on Two Floors

Imants Vecozols Different Years on Two Floors 24.07. – 17.08.2013 Rainy Day. 2003. Oil on canvas, 90×98 At the Daugava Gallery from the 24th July until 17th August there will be the exhibition Different Years on Two Floors by the painter and professor of the Latvian Academy of Arts, Imants Vecozols. It`s noteworthy to

Gallery Daugava, Riga: John Annus – Memorial Exhibition

John Annus Memorial Exhibition 10.07.-20.07.2013 The artist Jānis Annuss (1935 -2013) was getting ready for his solo exhibition in Riga with a great sense of responsibility, probably, even more seriously than for his previous exhibitions in Rome and New York. Riga