Art news from ‘Damla Özdemir’

Ilayda Gallery, Istanbul: Cut&Paste

"Cut&Paste" Collage Exhibition – Gallery Ilayda Gallery Ilayda opens its doors with the “first” exhibition centered on the art of collage, Copy-Paste, from June 8 until August 31. Being beyond a mere group exhibition and standing in homage to the art of collage, the Copy-Paste exhibition brings together artists from different generations and disciplines such […]

Pop-up Q&A for 5 young Turkish artists

Goals & reality of the most up growing art society in the past few years  Pop-up Q&A for 5 young Turkish artists Facing my recent research concerning the Eastern European art market and what should be and totally isn't its center: the artist, I springed some flash questions to 5 young, succesful and even-aged Turkish […]

International weekend: Damla Özdemir

  Since childhood I have used all my strength and ability to properly express myself in various ways. I wrote, drew, chose silence, touched, cut, sewed and combined; I always expressed myself. This was a natural way for me to get things out of my system, out of my mind. Others called it creation whereas […]