Art news from ‘Christine Koenig Galerie’

Christine Koenig Gallery, Vienna: Third Room: LOVE architecture

MARGHERITA SPILUTTINI Third Room: LOVE architecture Duration: 25. 01. – 10. 03. 2012 From the gallery’s CONVERSATION series: Dietmar Steiner, Az W in talk with Margherita Spiluttini and Mark Jenewein, LOVE architecture Saturday, Jan 28, 2012, 12 pm

Christine Koenig Gallery, Vienna: Oblique Motionless

SISLEJ XHAFA oblique motionless 12. 11. – 14. 01. 2012   The works by Sislej Xhafa, an artist who was born in Kosovo and lives in New York, address migration mechanisms in a global context. In many of his installations and performances the artist responds with irony to specific local circumstances that relate directly to […]

Christine Koenig Galerie: Anthropomorphic and Dissimilar

ANNE SCHNEIDER anthropomorph und unähnlich / anthropomorphic and dissimilar, 2011 Exhibition view Duration: 29. 06. – 10. 09. 2011 anthropomorphic and dissimilar Roman Grabner, Vienna/Graz, 2011   A preoccupation with physical and mental spaces, their conditions and histories, and their way of relating to the individual plays a central role in Anne Schneider’s work. The […]