Art news from ‘Calin Dan’

Salt Beyoğlu, Istanbul: subREAL

SubREAL May 8 – August 11, 2013 SALT Beyoğlu subREAL at SALT Beyoğlu comprises a selection of works from the retrospective exhibition that took place at The National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest (MNAC) in 2012. The artistic practice of the “action group” subREAL undertakes political, social and cultural criticism with a sharp sense of humor […]

LENIN STREET, STALIN CITY | Călin Dan @ ALERT studio (White Code).

ALERT studio (White Code). Călin Dan. Opening: Friday 12th of October, 7.00 PM. Călin Dan, Still life, 20th c., sec. 20, video, NL/RO, 2012. Photo credit: George Niculescu  LENIN STREET STALIN CITY An event meant to contextualize historically Călin Dan’s most recent video – "Still life", 20th c. (NL/RO, 2012), while creating a screening environment […]