Art news from ‘C.A.M Gallery’

CAM Gallery, Istanbul: Start ‘art within reach’

" Start 'art within reach' " Yusuf Aygeç, Neslihan Başer, Mahmut Celayir, Yasemin K. Demirel, Murat Durusoy, Necmi Gürseler, Betül Güney, Nihal Martlı, Soner Ön, Henny Van Leeuwen, Olgu Ülkenciler, Tuba Yalçınkaya June 6th – July 9th 2013 Tuba Yalçinkaya, Mask Series, 2013 mix. tech. on paper, 45×32 cm The new exhibition Start! ‘Art within […]

C.A.M Galeri, Istanbul: Sacred

Emir Uras Kutsal / Sacred 02.05 – 02.06.2013 C.A.M Gallery / Akaretler "This body of work explores forms that touch, trigger and allow us to confront a sacred area within ourselves. Every form, with its own integrity and expression, celebrates 'Sacredness' and stands

C.A.M Gallery – Nisantaşı / Ayşe Öykü – Kaleidoscope

C.A.M Gallery hosts “Kaleidoscope”, an exhibition by Ayşe Öykü from February 15 through March 23, 2013. Ayşe Öykü presents her work around the question of “whether it is possible to play with the colors or what the rules of this game are supposed to be”. The artist positions her work far away from the chaotic […]

C.A.M Gallery, Istanbul: Fresh

Betül Güney, Untitled 10.02, oil on canvas, 2020 cm, 2010 C.A.M Galeri / Akaretler hosts young artists who reifies the concept of “fresh” in art life, between June 07- July 12, 2012. The title of the group exhibition, which includes works by Betül Güney, Cenin (Burcu Çorbacı) and Ceyda Aldemir Pancar, is also “Fresh”. In […]

C.A.M Gallery Nişantaşı, Istanbul: Black-White

Mehmet Kismet @ C.A.M Gallery/Nişantaşı/preview oak tree, 180x150cm, c-print C.A.M Gallery / Nişantaşı hosts a group exhibition, ‘Black-White’. An interpretation of the world removed of colors is presented in this exhibition with the artists’ works of different disciplines. The exhibition by Ahmet Elhan, Cem Turgay, Peter Hristoff, Murat Germen, Mehmet Kısmet, Sevim Sancaktar and Mahmut […]

C.A.M Gallery, Istanbul: DIVA

Angelina, 150×150 cm, ink on canvas   "Diva" 26 April – 02 July 2012 Dieter Mammel “This is life itself. This is movement caught in the act. The movement on the screen seems to actually reproduce life. And for one short moment, what we see seems to be wrested from the fatality of its impermanence.” […]

CAM Gallery, Istanbul: Romantique

Coco, oil on canvas, 160×110 cm, 2012 C.A.M Gallery / Akaretler presents Nihâl Martlı's exhibition 'Romantique' on March 27 – April 21, 2012. As always, a dreamy, nostalgic and poetic structure is experienced with the character in the paintings. It is a tempting and dark romanticism that runs from subject into material and pictorial values, […]

C.A.M Gallery, Istanbul: Seyir

Ahırkapı #21, 62×62 cm, fine art print, 2010-12 C.A.M Gallery / Akaretler presents Murat Durusoy’s exhibition ‘Seyir’ on February 10 – March 17, 2012. The word ‘Seyir’ is one of the comprehensive words in Turkish, which means taking a journey from one place to another, to look and also to daydream. Pieces in this exhibition […]

C.A.M Galeri / Akaretler, Istanbul: Pastoral Dialogues

"Pastoral Dialogues" 22 December 2011 – 31 January 2012 Mahmut Celayir, Mehmet Kısmet Mehmet Kısmet, Two Chairs, c-print, 150×200 cm Mahmut Celayir, Midday I,  acrylic on canvas, 150×200 cm, 2011 C.A.M Gallery / Akaretler gathers together Mahmut Celayir and Mehmet Kısmet in “Pastoral Dialogues” exhibition. Mehmet Kısmet’s black and white photos accompany Mahmut Celayir’s paintings […]

C.A.M Gallery, Istanbul: Muta-morphosis

17 November – 17 December 2011 Murat Germen C.A.M Gallery / Akaretler hosts Murat Germen’s Muta-morphosis at 17 November – 17 December 2011. The concept of “muta-morphosis”, a combination of the notions of mutation and metamorphosis, and the connected artwork series was obtained by reducing expansive images on the horizontal axis. This compression points to […]

C.A.M Gallery, Istanbul: I Have a Secret…

İstismar, oil on canvas, 200x 103 cm, 2011 Ebru Alpagut exhibits her second solo exhibition “I Have a Secret…”at C.A.M Gallery / Akaretler, between 15 October- 13 November 2011. It is a secret hard to carry around that leaves a scar and becomes a taboo, that is not talked about even most of us pass […]

C.A.M Gallery, Istanbul: REMINDER

Dieter Mammel, Under deep water, ink on canvas, 85×155 cm, 2009 04 August- 10 September 2011 Artists: Alev Gözonar Burcu Yagcioglu Dieter Mammel Emir Uras Mahmut Celayir Murat Germen During August until 10 of September, Works exposed in C.A.M (Akaretler) are the new works of certain artist showed in 2010-2011 season; Reminder contains also some […]