Art news from ‘Bunkier Gallery’

Bunkier Gallery, Krakow: KAP

Lukasz Prus-Niewiadomski – KAP/CAPS Installation 03.08–08.09.2013 Curator: Krzysztof Siatka  

Bunkier Gallery, Kraków: Striking Splendour of Mournful Abundance

Striking Splendour of Mournful Abundance 03–18.08.2013 Curators: Anna Kazimierczak, Mateusz Okoński Co-ordination: Renata Zawartka As a part of Zbiornik Kultury 2013 Bolesław Chromry’s tribute to Marian Kruczek Marian Kruczek (1927 – 1983). Polish painter and graphic designer, author of sculptures and installations made of industrial waste. Closely associated with Nowa Huta, where he moved to […]

Bunkier Gallery, Krakow: Painting, Action!

Grzegorz Mart | Painting, Action! Opening: Thursday 6 June, 6 pm 7 June 2013 – 7 July 2013 Curator: Krzysztof Siatka Venue: Lower Gallery The series of painting-cum-film performances by Grzegorz Mart prepared for Bunkier Sztuki develops the concept which the artist has been working on for a number of months, under the group title […]

Bunkier Gallery, Krakow: Beast

Maurycy Gomulicki | Beast Unveiling: Saturday 25 May 2013, 7 pm Curator: Anna Lebensztejn Venue: Space outside Bunkier Krakow is one of the oldest and, without any doubt, most touristically attractive Polish cities. However, it drowns in shades of sepia, celebrating its past ad infinitum and, at