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Apel Gallery, Istanbul: An Ad Break

An Ad Break Advertisements have invaded our whole lives; they can be found everywhere from television, radio, Internet, newspapers, and social media to public transportation vehicles, building façades, street lamps, and even the packaging of wet wipes provided after meals at restaurants. This time, the advertisements we so internalize become the subject matter of an […]

Apel Gallery: Gamze Taşdan -No Big Deal!

Gamze Taşdan  “No Big Deal!”  May 8th – June 5th 2014 The works in Gamze Taşdan’s first solo exhibition “No Big Deal!” take as their starting point states of womanhood, gender, and traditional culture in Turkish cinema. In her works, by exaggerating linguistic and visual elements that subordinate women, or by deconstructing and reconstructing these, […]

Apel Gallery, Istanbul: Emre Senan- Banal

Emre Senan  “Banal”  5th April – 3rd May  2014 Emre Senan opens his 13th solo exhibition on April the 5th at Gallery Apel where he held the solo exhibitions “Tables”, “Lobotomy is our right, we’ll gouge it out”, and “Instant Rag” in previous years. The opening of the exhibition “Banal” will also be a celebration […]

Apel Gallery, Istanbul: roots , branches and leaves

Yücel Kale   “roots , branches and leaves” sculpture exhibition 14 December 2013 – 11 January 2014 “My feet are like seeds blowing in the wind , touching down only to be carried away again. I am like a tree , my roots kept secret in my conscious…” Yücel Kale