Art news from ‘ALERT Studio’

ALERT Studio (White Code), Bucharest: ANATOMY

ALERT studio (White Code)   |   Artist: Arantxa Etcheverria   |   July 3th – July 25th   |   2014 Opening: July 3th 2014   |   7 PM ANATOMY The recent work of Arantxa Etcheverria positions itself where three fields intersect: design, photography, and video. The design element of the video can […]

LETY | Cristiano Berti @ ALERT studio (White Code)

ALERT studio (White Code) | Artist: Cristiano Berti (Italy) | May 23th – June 14th | 2014 Parallel event Bucharest Biennale 6 Opening: May 23th 2014 | 7 PM LETY The astonished observation of memory and the traces that generated it, coming undone, the labyrinth-like relationship between personal experience and the more vast space of […]

All those who praise work are wrong | Gabriel Stoian @ ALERT studio (White Code)

Gabriel Stoian @ ALERT studio (White Code) Opening: Tuesday, April 15th, 7:00 PM. ALL THOSE WHO PRAISE WORK ARE WRONG (A project about absence of meaning in today’s active performance)  The concept is a reaction towards the absence of meaning, fake motivation and the lack of choice regarding the relation between the contemporary individual and […]

A Form of History | Silvia Hell @ ALERT studio (White Code)

ALERT studio (White Code). Silvia Hell. Opening: Tuesday 5th of November, 7:00 PM. A FORM OF HISTORY Hell’s focus is placed on the complex reconfigurations of European’s physiognomy between 1861 and 2011, on which a coldly analytical strategy of political re-mapping is applied. Through the clarity and simplicity of visual intuition, this channels a spectrum […]

ALERT Studio: Oh, Robert you’re my favourite ice cream…

ALERT studio (Pink Code). Ioana Stanca. Opening: Tuesday 15th of October, 7:00 PM.  Oh, Robert you’re my favourite ice cream… Dear Robert, my 'realist' lexicon, My fearless surface, My juicy mango flavour Involved in real space.. (your used paper, your used pa  int, your used paintings)

ALERT studio (White Code). Vlad Basalici. Opening: Friday 15th of March, 6:00 PM.

ALERT studio (White Code). Vlad Basalici. Opening: Friday 15th of March, 6:00 PM. The time that will come "In 2005, while I still living in Cluj, a friend told me that in Sweden  at every four months is scheduled an air raid alarm when the sirens begin to sound for one minute in Malmo and […]

ALERT studio (Pink Code): Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu. Opening: Friday 21 of December

ALERT studio (Pink Code). Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu. Opening: Friday 21 of December, 6.00 PM. "The Remains of the Day" (2) << 21-22 who shoot at us ? >> 23 years passed already since communism and Ceausescu’s dictatorship fell apart. It‘s a long or a short time,? It’s a lot and hard to relate. At that […]

Breaking news. IconoPlasma | Cătălin Burcea @ ALERT studio (White Code)

ALERT studio (White Code) Cătălin Burcea/ Breaking news. IconoPlasma Opening: Thursday 8th of November, 6.00 PM What is at stake in the installation "I am listening to what I am saying" is the process of rewriting in slow-motion the most intense moments of the news flux. After being broadcast, the words and the images of the […]

LENIN STREET, STALIN CITY | Călin Dan @ ALERT studio (White Code).

ALERT studio (White Code). Călin Dan. Opening: Friday 12th of October, 7.00 PM. Călin Dan, Still life, 20th c., sec. 20, video, NL/RO, 2012. Photo credit: George Niculescu  LENIN STREET STALIN CITY An event meant to contextualize historically Călin Dan’s most recent video – "Still life", 20th c. (NL/RO, 2012), while creating a screening environment […]

FROZEN IN TIME | Nathalie Daoust @ ALERT studio

ALERT studio (PINK CODE). Nathalie Daoust. Opening Thursday 9th of August, 7.00 PM. FROZEN IN TIME This series of delicately hand-coloured B&W pinhole photographs demonstrate the sense of immanence, sublime beauty and alienation that the perpetual landscape of the Swiss Alps provoked in the photographer. The narrative that evolves throughout work is a personal one, a […]


  SALON VIDEO’s first edition takes place at ALERT Studio on 26th and 27th of April, between 5.00 and 10.00 pm. Salon Video is a platform for showcasing video art in Romania, through a constant and accessible program. Following an open call for + a few personal invitations we have selected a group of video works which cover […]

ALERT studio (WHITE CODE), Bucharest: WHO IS IT FOR

ALERT studio (WHITE CODE). Bureau. Opening Friday April 06, 7PM Who is it for? Bureau bureau is Helena Schlichting & Daniela Kneip Velescu. bureau has been working since October 2010. bureau is not tied to any fixed location. bureau temporarily occupies spaces with fixed opening hours. bureau exists in the mind and can be retrieved […]