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acb Gallery, Budapest: Igor and Ivan Buharov – Everything included

IGOR AND IVAN BUHAROV: EVERYTHING INCLUDED acb Gallery, 12 September – 22 October 2014 Igor and Ivan Buharov present their first solo exhibition at the acb Gallery. The artist duo have been creating experimental artwork in the frontiers between visual art and film since 1995. Their surreal short films, with their unique atmosphere and grotesque […]

acb Gallery: Mladen Miljanović – At the Edge

Mladen Miljanović: At the Edge acb Gallery, 6 June – 17 July 2014 opening: 5 June 2014 (Thursday), 7-9 pm opening performance starts at 7pm Mladen Miljanović (1981, Doboj, Bosnia-Herzegovina) is a defining figure of the young generation of artists that emerged after the Balkan Wars, introducing a radically new art practice that points far […]

acb Gallery: Double Vision

acb Gallery Péter Szalay: Double Vision curated by: Zsuzska Kozák vernissage: Thursday,17 April 2014, 7-9pm A solo exhibition by Péter Szalay is presented at the acb Gallery for the second time. Double Vision can be regarded as a continuation of Szalay’s 2013 show entitled Residual Value. His work at the time reflected on the renovation […]

Société Réaliste@acb Galéria

Société Réaliste: ‘amal al-ğam‘ acb Gallery, 28th Feburary 2014 – 10th April vernissage: 27th February, 19-21h The word amalgam was brought to the domain of common culture via the lexicon of alchemy, which defined it as the melting of heterogeneous elements.  It is derived from the Arabic expression amal al-ğamāa, “work of flesh union”. In […]


MARCELL ESTERHÁZY: COMPARE (CF.) 2013.10.18-11.15. Marcell Esterházy’s works are presented by acb Gallery as a solo exhibition for the first time. Esterházy – a graduate of the Intermedia Program of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and, later, student of Lucien Hervé – primarily works in the medium of photography. He most often bases his […]

acb Galeria, Budapest: Sense of Time

Gyula Várnai: Sense of Time 20.06-26.07.2013 Várnai presents works that visually – through their theme or form – refers to the 1960s period, which signified the consolidation of socialism. Várnai’s works evoke the standard forms of entertainment, with

acb Gallery, Budapest: By any means necessary

By Any Means Necessary group exhibition at acb Gallery 25.04-31.05.2013 The exhibition explores radical artistic expressions in contemporary art. It features artworks from the past decade and the recent past, which react to a social or political situation or phenomenon, but, offering more than mere critique, they also urge us to


07.09.2012 – 05.10.2012  The exhibition is a realization of an internet project initiated in 2010 by the Leroy Brothers, who have been working together as an art group for a decade. The project entitled BDRtist maps out – and places in a contemporary art context – image and information sharing habits within social media. Following […]

acb Gallery, Budapest: FAQ

Péter Szarka: FAQ 08.06-29.06.2012 Péter Szarka graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 1989, and completed his postgraduate studies at the same institution in 1992. From 1989 until its dissolution in 1995, he was member of the Újlak Group, which operated as one of the defining, progressive art groups on the contemporary art […]

acb Gallery, Budapest: Porticus

Erik Mátrai: Porticus 10.05. – 01.06. 2012 Erik Mátrai, though graduated as a painter from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2004, from early on has continued to experiment with different media, even his diplome work was a video installation. Most of his works are videos, photos, objects, audiovisual and light installations, though sometimes […]

acb Gallery, Budapest: Trsh

Robert Batyko: Trsh 2012. 02.17.-03-14. acb Gallery H-1068 Budapest, Király utca 76

acb Gallery, Budapest: DENIAL

Tibor Horváth: Denial 2012. 01.13.-02.10 Tibor Horváth presents his solo exhibition at the acb Gallery for the first time. His works have been characterized by radical taboo-subverting, and sometimes provocation-laden, institutional and social critique. In addition to the genres of graphics, photography, video and installation, his works are often realized in actions as well as […]

acb Gallery, Budapest: Water

Gábor Fülöp's Exhibition 2011. 12.02. – 12.23.  WATER Gábor Fülöp’s (1981) skillful and ingenious works at his 2009 exhibition at acb Gallery were what brought him the attention of the profession, the public as well as the collectors. His technical virtuosity and his unique reinterpretation of the traditional technique of wood sculpture are among his […]