T-Gallery: Claire Chesnier, Re-veiling

11. 8. – 3. 9. 2012

opening: 10. 8. 2012, 19:00

Claire Chesnier comes from France and currently lives and works in Paris. She graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts from the studio of Jean-Michel Alberola in May 2011 with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Currently, she is a Doctorate student in Fine Arts  (Arts et Sciences de l’Art)  atUniversité Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne and a Post-masters student at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Even though Claire is a very young artist, her work has already been exhibited at very important individual and collective exhibitions.  She won the prestigious Prix des Amis des Beaux Arts de Paris award in 2011. The award was presented by agnès b., director of the association and a prominent Paris gallerist, who continues to actively support Claire in her artistic development and has included Claire’s work in her private collection.  Claire’s artwork was also exhibited at her individual exhibition titled Fragments d’une deposition in Galerie du jour agnès b. in Paris.  This exhibition was moved to Galerie agnès b. in Marseille in July, where it will be displayed until September 2011 as part of the International Film Festival. Claire regularly shows her artwork at group exhibitions such as Biennale de la jeune creation, Salon de Montrouge and Novembre à Vitry, where she has been nominated for the International Prize for Painting Award for the past three years.

Exhibition “Claire Chesnier: Re-veiling” is her first individual exhibition abroad and brings a series of her newest works, created specifically for T-Gallery.   

Claire’s work displays abstract forms with lines that are sometimes very precise, but other times blurred and vaporous.  By gradually applying color, Claire creates light effects permeating from the background itself – the whiteness of the paper.   To create this effect of the omnipresent light, which shines without any given source, Claire uses water-diluted ink colors and layers them in thin films on watercolor paper.  

Talking about her work, Claire explains: In my work, I am interested in color and form and how the covering of the surface relates to a single background light coming from the whiteness of paper. Paradoxically, to reveal this background light, it is the shadows that first have to “re-veil” the surface by the gradual application of paint. This reverse way of using color, light and shadow forces the onlooker to enter the thin layers of paint and explore the movement of the “distant stroke” (Maurice Blanchot).

Jean-Michel Alberola described the work of Claire Chesnier very poetically and at the same time with rigorous scientific objectivity. These two approaches meet and clash in her work in order to trigger a silent dialogue between the author, the work and the audience:

Possible definition of Claire Chesnier’s work process

1- Build a container

2- Pour some liquid in it (water is preferable)

3- Construct a pipette

4- Take a bit  of ink with the help of the pipette

5- Drip a drop of the chosen ink into the container

6- Take the container, put it in direct sunlight

7- Watch

It is not the work of an alchemist but that of a mason or a monk.

The rest belongs to her.

Jean-Michel Alberola, november 2011.


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