Sun Plaza, Bucharest is the 82nd site mechanized by the French artist Bernard Lagneau!

Sun Plaza is the 82nd site mechanized
by the French artist Bernard Lagneau!

For the very first time in Romania, between May 29 and June 23, 2013, Sun Plaza Shopping Center presents an exhibition that brings together a number of mechanized sculptures of impressive sizes made of corrugated cardboard, thus becoming the 82nd site mechanized by the French artist Bernard Lagneau.

The exhibition entitled “Sun Plaza – The Mechanized Site # 82” is a first because the artist never creates the same installation twice. He sometimes uses the same elements, but he mounts them in a different manner every time, according to the architecture of the site. 

The only material used by Bernard Lagneau, in order to build the grand machinery that fascinates the public every time, is corrugated cardboard, which is animated by means of electric motors. These are the starting points for the assembly, and all the artist has to do is mechanize the site, transforming it by the hour. For this reason, those who will visit the shopping center located in the southern part of the Capital, between May 29 and June 23, 2013, will have the opportunity to witness a real show.

The cardboard world that Lagneau is going to build at Sun Plaza will be up to 20 meters high, and no less than one km of belt will unite the over 150 wheels of the mechanism – the largest being 2 meters in diameter, and the smallest being just 5 cm in diameter. In the end, the whole cardboard installation will weigh about 2 tons.

“The kinetic sculptures of Bernard Lagneau are devices mechanized with the precision of an engineer, having no other practical function than to perpetually fuel themselves. These installations, artistic super-productions, are the focus of the existential philosophical discussions of a post-industrial world with multiple references to the history of art, from the Geek antiquity to the Dadaism of Jean Tinguely. The spectacle they offer is now presented in a monumental and unique installation, hosted by the Sun Plaza Shopping Center”, declared Cosmin Năsui, art critic and curator.

Bernard Lagneau started his career as a book designer, later on specializing in the creation of cardboard sculptures and installations. For more than 40 years, he has been creating such large-scale installations, which can be divided into four thematic categories: monumental cardboard machinery, landscape studies, interior ephemeral structures (he has built 11 mobile cities inside several cultural institutions) and temporary structures created to be exhibited in the open air.

The artist has exhibited his projects throughout the world and has, until now, “mechanized” railway stations, factories, churches, town halls, even the famous Musée d’Art in Paris and the largest sand dune in Europe, located in Pyla, France, where he created the monstrous “Ville-fantôme”, a construction that stretches over an area of over 1,000 square meters.

This exhibition carries on the initiative of Sun Plaza to offer its visitors completely new, quality cultural experiences, which comes to support the positioning of the Shopping Center, in line with its nonconformist and high impact actions.

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Sun Plaza Shopping Center, the shopping center located in the southern part of Bucharest, is a project developed by EMCT Romania and S IMMO AG. Opened in February 2010, Sun Plaza welcomes its customers by three different approaches: a basic shopping area (hypermarket; hardware, furniture and household appliances stores), a lifestyle area with top fashion brands present (medium and large anchor stores, international brands), as well as an entertainment and leisure area. Sun Plaza has a leasable area of 81,000 sqm, and a building area of more than 210,000 sqm. The shopping centre has an underground parking with 2,000 parking spaces, and a direct connection with Piata Sudului metro station, through an underground passageway.

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