SPACES: Mapping of public space in Chisinau

SPACES: Mapping of public space in Chisinau workshop – presentation
May 16, 2013, 5 pm
location: Casa Zemstvei Guberniale
Șciusev str. 103, Chisinau

free entrance

We have the pleasure to invite you to the presentation of the final results of the Mapping of public space in Chisinau workshop that took place between 2-7 of July 2012. The workshop was organized in collaboration with Planwerk office for architecture from Cluj in the frame of SPACES (Sustainable Public Areas for Culture in Eastern Countries) project and was supported by European Union through Eastern Partnership Culture Program.

about the workshop:

One of the objectives of the workshop was to analyze the existing public space and to conceptualize a network of public spaces for Chisinau that would offer an alternative to the public spaces designed during the previous regimes (representative for the political power of that moment). It is also a way to restart using the abandoned, ignored or monofunctional areas of the city, and to adapt them to the new needs that Chisinau inhabitants might have.

The second objective was to contextualize the future artistic interventions made in collaboration with invited artists – the workshop thus becoming a mobile laboratory where, through exploration walks, research of the history of the place and observation of different social groups, and of existing conflicts, different situations, themes and actual topics related to Chisinau public space were identified. So far the poor access to drinking water in the city, high degree of control of the public spaces by police forces, lack of green spaces in some areas, lack of public transport in some isolated neighborhoods of the historical center, exclusion of certain social groups (religious, sexual, ethnic minorities) and others issues were the ones that attracted our attention. Among these subjects, the issue of Boulevard Cantemir (next to Sfatul Tarii street) and its presence in the General Urban Plan of Chisinau, updated in 2007, became a crucial one, and determined the group to accept it as a matter of high concern and prompted us to continue the research on this project and on the consequences that it might provoke in case it would be implemented.

The mapping of public space workshop sets up an initiative group for Chisinau’s public space – an interdisciplinary platform for education and research, which will develop its activity as a residency for artists, architects and urban planners, activists, sociologists, anthropologists and historians, as a reading group linked to a virtual library and through printed publications. It will aim, on one hand, to train and offer new skills to young professionals, and on the other hand, to raise the public awareness and persuade the local authorities of the need to recover, protect and develop the public spaces in Chisinau.

You are welcome!

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