August 21-22, 2012, 16-19:00

conference at Zemstvei Museum

Sciusev str. 103, Chisinau 

As part of the SPACES: CHISINAU CIVIC Center – open air cinema program ( we invite you to attend a series of presentations about Chisinau, Bucharest, Brno and Tbilisi public space.

On this occasion we would like to create room for discussions and debates and thus bring into question possible alternatives to the existing built public space that we have inherited.

If compared to private space that is usually closed to the people by its owner in a context where private property is inalienable by law, the contemporary public space, as opposed to the private one and that by definition should be accessible to everyone despite the social or economic status of its users, in a similar way gives evidence of its own moments of exclusion. It is possible to witness how sometimes the shape of public space combined with certain type of regulations and policies established by those in power restrict access and usage of this space to certain social groups. It could be religious or sexual minorities that are being discriminated, people with disabilities, or those who are not able to pay for consumption during various events taking place in public space, to mention just a few.

It should also be said that both private and public spaces are spaces of representation, and are being conceived and built so, reflecting the interests of those who have commissioned them. Combined together they don’t offer a truly democratic model, excluding and leaving outside its borders many other people.

The question is: what other alternatives can exist in a world dominated by these 2 concepts (private and public)? How can we, as artists, architects, cultural and social workers conceive alternative spaces to the ones that were built by past regimes and that would address the community’s needs (also help build a community or at least bring different people together)?

We invite you to participate the discussion that would partially address these issues and also explain better the nature of public space in your own cities.

FOR A DIFFERENT PUBLIC SPACE! program gives continuity to the Mapping of public space in Chisinau workshop and to the activity of the Public space in post-socialism reading group organized in July-August 2012.

Mapping of public space in Chisinau workshop:

Public space in post-socialism reading group:


August 21, 2012, 16:00 / Tuesday

Chisinau civic center / open air cinema, by Vladimir US [MD]

Where do we meet?, by Ina BOROZAN and Andrei VATAMANIUC [MD]

In Between Bucuresti, by studioBASAR [RO]

Some Simple Truths, 2012, by studioBASAR [RO], screening


August 22, 2012, 16:00 / Wednesday

The Micro-privatizations of public spaces, by Vitalie SPRINCEANA [MD]

Moving recycled city, by 3*2*1*0 [CZ]

Public Space in Modern Georgia, by Urban Reactor [GE]

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