SODA Istanbul: Final Frontier

ANDREW BARTON: Final Frontier

01.03.2012 – 14.04.2012

SODA is pleased to announce ‘Final Frontier’, the first solo show of internationally renowned sculptor Andrew Barton to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, between March 1- April 14, 2012.

The exhibit consists of space helmets from three major religions. The expanse of religion to our final frontier, space. Expressing a dystopian future of possible religious conflict in the heavens.

Andrew Barton was born in 1970 London, England. MFA from The Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO).
Male fertility, non-loving sex, violence and cannibalism were reoccurring themes in Barton`s work from the end of the 90`s. Barton`s work then took a new direction focusing on the torso or body fragment in combination with a foreign object or abstract shape, dealing with bodily transformations and meditative states of being. His current work deals with industrial products from dystopian futures; space helmets designed for religious expansion in space, and bomb suits tailored for the mundane acts of shopping and child`s play in a future society gone bad.

SODA Istanbul
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