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Cordially invite You to the Night of museums and galleries in SODA
at Saturday 19.5.2012 , from 10am – 0.30am

SODA gallery offers traditional and unconventional presentation of art with the possibility to spend a pleasant day in a creative atmosphere with a glass of wine and a unique opportunity to conveniently purchase quality contemporary art.

Cristina Fiorenza /it/

Exhibition run till May 25, 2012

Cristina Fiorenza

In May, SODA gallery will introduce the Italian author Crisitina Fiorenza (1973), who will exhibit in Slovakia for the first time. Works of Cristina Fiorenza, living in Vienna, is heavily influenced by an examination of the culture of housing, such as the fragile constructions of ancient peoples and nomads, issues of migration, excessive urbanisation and the relationship between large cities and nature. But also simply a study of city borders. The drawings direct attention to the idea of the border as a human invention, as a journey or illusion. On top of this, our vulnerability in the face of social, political, economic and environmental changes. And in the end a dreamlike representation. I work on paper with pencil, pastels, embroidery, fabric and collages, turning drawings into sculpture artefacts.“

SODA gallery

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