Raster Gallery: SOCIETY IS MEAN


Cipedrapskuad, Honorata Martin, Dorota Maslowska, Maria Tobola

This exhibition takes place in a coun­try whose society has a rather poor opinion of itself. The society is mean, the society is aging, and the force which is driving us toward all this is the progres­sive stabilization, which seems to have effec­tively conquered us after years of figh­ting on various fronts. The works making up the exhibition are not essen­tially asocial, but they do bril­lian­tly render the distance between the individual and the society around him or her. The sphere of the presented artists' con­fron­tation with society is its lan­guage, its living space, and its dominant, stereo­typical inter­per­sonal relationships.

The title of this exhibition was bor­rowed from the debut album by Dorota Maslowska. which will premiere with the opening of the show and is an integral part of it. 


Wspólna 63, Warsaw

Opening on Saturday, February the 22nd, 6-9 PM 

Exhibition open until 29.03.2014

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