Société Réaliste@acb Galéria

Société Réaliste: ‘amal al-ğam‘

acb Gallery, 28th Feburary 2014 – 10th April

vernissage: 27th February, 19-21h

The word amalgam was brought to the domain of common culture via the lexicon of alchemy, which defined it as the melting of heterogeneous elements.  It is derived from the Arabic expression amal al-ğamāa, “work of flesh union”. In the exhibition ‘amal al-ğam‘, Société Réaliste presents a group of new works characterized by the “intercourse” of apparently dissimilar elements.

Amalgamation – or the possibility to play mahjong with the periodic table of Mendeleev. Like the old alchemistic dream of turning lead into gold or melting mercury and iron, amalgamation stands for the possibility of not only fusing distant things, but transforming them into a third entity, which would nevertheless keep the specificities of its origins. It is a tool for appropriation. Spartacus was a 1919 Berliner revolutionary. It is a tool for critical paranoia. Bernard Madoff had a North-Korean passport. It is the formula by which art becomes anything else. Constructing dentures out of philosopher’s stones.

Société Réaliste is a Parisian cooperative created by Ferenc Gróf and Jean-Baptiste Naudy in June 2004. It works with political design, experimental economy, territorial ergonomics and social engineering consulting. Polytechnic, it develops its production schemes through exhibitions, publications and conferences.

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