Školská 28 Gallery, Prague: Supraphon 33,3

Supraphon 33,3

July 15 – August 15, 2013

The installation refers to the history of the Czechoslovak brand: Supraphon records. The brand was patented in 1932 and originally designed to the name of the turntable machine. After the war was the named focusing on the albums produced for export. Since 1949, when it was nationalized Supraphon has become a major export company, a manufacturing company (Gramophone comp. 1961), an independent publishing house (Supraphon n.p., 1969) and – became a synonymous with the Czech recording and music industry general.

The installation outlines the transformation of the visual style of album covers from the early 60's, when there still did not mention the names of the musicians nor the names of songs that were right on the label discs. The decline of artistic quality graphic design suggest the selection of exposed covers indicated a preview of further production. Visual installation for the White board adds sound of skipping of the needle to the end of the LP.


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