SIZ Gallery: Alice Guareschi – LANDSCAPES FULL OF EVENTS


opening: July 10, 8 pm

from july 10 to july 31 2014

working days: 10am to 1pm and 6pm to 9pm

Saturday 10am to 1pm

Landscapes Full of Events is the first solo show of Alice Guareschi's work in Croatia. The exhibition is conceived by the artist as a constellation of objects and images, some previously exhibited and some expressly created for this occasion, here organized in a novel spatial arrangement.

Talking about her work, Alice Guareschi often describes it as a form of writing, where words, images, objects, pauses, empty spaces and things left out of focus, all together, they produce meaning through their balance or their positional value. In a recent interview, she says: "I love single words, with their sculptural and synthetic qualities. I love language due to its structures, for the articulation of elements, their latent ambiguity, the potential and yet constant chances of misunderstanding. I love the foreign languages because I can understand them but only to a certain extent. And I like them because when you speak in a foreign language, your voice changes. The objects I create are for me like the words in a vocabulary, while the movies are fragments of stories having a more precise and crucial relation with time."

Guareschi's work always intentionally avoids specific contents, besides a descriptive or analytic assumption regarding a subject: the focus lies on the notions of time and space, as coordinates and condition of every single experience; as well as her research is centered on the ideas of distance, perspective, memory, language, and the different meanings they inevitably produce, through their variations, according to the subject involved. 

The landscapes recalled in the title of the exhibition are the spaces where things might happen, while the events are the precise yet casual points where space and time collide: the meaning lays somewhere at the threshold of what is seen, what is experienced and what is written.

The viewer is invited to remain open to different interpretations, to start from his/her own personal experience, which is sometimes a silent one, but certainly a strongly political position, oriented to a complex vision of the present.

Alice Guareschi was born in 1976 in Parma (Italy), and currently lives and works in Milano. She graduated in philosophy at the University of Bologna. Her work includes a wide range of media, such as video, writing, sculpture and installation. Read more about the author on

This year’s program of SIZ Gallery is curated by Fokus Grupa and Nemanja Cvijanović.

SIZ Gallery is supported by the City Department of Culture of the City of Rijeka and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

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