Elipsis Gallery: Serkan Taycan – Shell

Shell, Serkan Taycan

20.12.2012 – 19.01.2013

Elipsis Gallery is pleased to announce “Shell”, the second solo show of Serkan Taycan from  20 December until 19 January 2013. In this  exhibition, Taycan is examining the rapid and  constant change of Istanbul throughout the periphery of the city.

In 2007, for the first time in world history, the recorded city population outgrew the suburban population. Urban Millennium is a transition point in history – the realization that we should start to examine cities through a new perspective. Taycan photographs these changes and the the consequent phenomena. He looks at the impact of this change and  questions the new living spaces presented to us. The mass migration toward Istanbul since the 1950’s, has exposed the city to unplanned urbanization; the constant need for new buildings to accommodate the population has transformed the city periphery into  one massive construction site.

This transformation can be witnessed at the urban border in its most vulnerable and raw  state. Sadly, the scene is far from an optimistic one; environmental sustainability is not taken into account and new development areas are  quite  far from the familiar dynamics of the city. The carved mine sites, which provide the origins of construction material, are simply transformed into the wounds of the city. Stuck in this vicious cycle of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction,  Serkan Taycan represents Istanbul as a dystopia. The artist combines different endpoints of the city in diptychs and triptychs merging time and space – these are personal interventions to the topography. Taycan’s new realities become recent suggestions to the 19th century Istanbul panoramas that are engraved in our memories, and his photographs become alternatives for the current city image.

Parallel to the exhibition, there is a  publication with texts by Jean-François Pérouse and Merve Ünsal, accompanied by a map of Istanbul periphery by Superpool.

Serkan Taycan (1978) was born in Gaziantep. He studied engineering at Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul. In 2004, he completed a master-class on documentary photography at  Nordens Fotoskola, Sweden. He continues his MA in Visual Arts at Sabancı University. His “Homeland” series was exhibitied in Thessaloniki Photo Biennale, Vendome Photography Festival and Niort IPM. In 2010, he participated at the Artist-in-residence program at Niort. In 2010, he was commissioned for the exhibition & book; “Ex:change, Istanbul – Marseille”. He has been shortlisted for the FullArt Prize-2012. He is a member RecCollective and currently lives and works in Istanbul.

The main theme of his works is the ever-changing  relationship between urban and rural spaces, and the people who are affected by these processes of transformation.

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