Sariev Gallery: Temporary, but permanent

Background: Young Artists 2012 / Temporary, but permanent 

Zoran Georgiev
29 June 2012 – 17 August 2012
presented by Pravdoliub Ivanov

Background: Young Artists is an annual platform for young artists whose exhibitions are organized in Sariev gallery and in other public spaces. The young artists in the platform’s previous editions in 2010 and 2011 were presented by the curators Vladiya Mihaylova – 2010 and Vera Mlechevska – 2011. For „Background: Young Artists“, 2012 Sariev invited Pravdoliub Ivanov, an artist from the gallery’s list and lecturer at the National Art Academy, Sofia, to present Zoran Georgiev. 

„Temporary, but permanent“ is the first solo exhibition of Zoran Georgiev, who graduated from the National Art Academy, Sofia in 2012. The exhibition examines temporary phenomena which objectively have a more long-lasting effect. It could be artefacts (the action „Artefact“ – objects, video, 2012); a receipt „imprinted“ in a still life for eternal use („A still life with receipt“, 2011); Rubik’s cube with life expenses for an endless game („Expenses“, 2010). The connection temporary-permanent is in the repetition of the artistic subject whether as an image („Art. Profession or a hobby?“, 2012) or as an action (”A man goes shopping, a man returns from shopping”, 2011). 

Zoran Georgiev does not limit himself in techniques and artistic methods. He uses the full scale of contemporary art tools – video, ready-made, precise classic oil painting, complex mechanisms, not with the aim to demonstrate professional technical skill, but rather to find an adequate medium for expressing his statement. 

Pravdoliub Ivanov on Zoran Georgiev:

„His precisely made items and objects bring to us a meta-reality, quite often burdened with a socio-political tension in a very personal, yet funny way.“

„Nicolas Bourriaud’s statement that the artist is using all available visuality in the world like a DJ who easily mixes ”samples” of it, applies in full force to Zoran.“

„All paintings, objects, videos and installations by Zoran create temporary visual „scratches“ whose effect on us, the spectators, though is more long-lasting.“ 

ZOran Georgiev was born in 1985 in Gevgeliya, Macedonia. He has been living and working in Sofia, Bulgaria since 2006. He graduated from the National Art Academy, Sofia with a degree in painting. In 2012 he is among the nominated artists in the BAZA competition for contemporary art. In 2011 he received the award for painting of „St. Cyril and Methodius“ Foundation and was nominated for the Gudenz B.Ruf award and Essl Art Award CEE 2011. He has participated in many prestigious exhibitions in Bulgaria among which are: Shortlist – an exhibition of the nominated artists in the Gaudenz B. Ruf award, Rayko Aleksiev Gallery, Sofia; an exhibition of the nominated for the Essl Art Award CEE award, 2011, Academy Gallery, Sofia; „After the flight“, ICA-Sofia Gallery, Sofia; Boxes for dreams, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia; Museum souvenirs, ICA-Sofia Gallery, Sofia; 10x5x3, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia. 

June 29 – August 17, 2012

Opening: June 29 (Friday) at 7:00 p.m.

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