Sanatorium, Istanbul: See Through Us

Diana Blok “See Through Us

Photographer Diana Blok mostly producing projects related to sexuality, gender and identity issues will be meeting the art audience at Sanatorium in between 21st of June and 21st of July, 2012 with her exhibition titled "See Through Us". This event is supported by the Dutch Consulate in Istanbul.
Upon meeting the "Pembe Hayat ve Kaos GL" (literally, pink life and chaos GL) initiative in 2009, Diana Blok photographed the the emancipation struggles of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals willing to participate and pose for her.

While it's not illegal being a gay, a bisexual or a transgender individual in Turkey, this exhibition seeks to draw attention to the difficulties these individuals face, who traditionally are ignored themselves and whose basic rights are at times overlooked. In her photographs, she seeks to tell the stories of lives, in which the individuals are forced not only to carry on a dual life but also to participate in sex labour due to lack of otherwise means,  stemming from social exclusion.  Diana Blok herself will also be participating in "Pride Week" parades to be held in between June25 and July01.

"See Through Us" exhibition coincides with the Pride Week and can be viewed at Sanatorium in between the dates June21, 2012 and July21, 2012.

About Diana Blok:
The artist is born in 1952 in Montevideo, Uruguay and she has previously lived in Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala to eventually move to Amsterdam, Netherlands to dedicate herself solely to the art of photography. She attained her Bachelor's degree from Maurits Binger Film Institute. During her art carrier in Netherlands, she authored a number of books in her prospective field and also seeked further interests in other fields such as theater productions.
In addition to her ongoing projects relating to sexuality, gender, identity and roots, she educates and coaches young artists from Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Argentina, and Mexico.
Diana Blok defines her productions to be "faces and places looking at you and telling something about you". And perhaps for us it's her very diary, the collection of her productions, her photography archive which she attributes to be "a very special tool constituting the puzzle of life".

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