Saint Ink Gallery: Nakedness is circular

Nakedness is circular

A project of photography on recycle wood drums

Opening: 24 October 2013, Saint Ink Gallery


Visual artists: Andrei Cornea and Daniel Loagăr, founding members of Wood be Nice Studio 

The “Nakedness is circular” project snatches the nude out of the TABU world turning it into a subject of conversation, for in art it has always been considered a muse. Transferred on recycled wood drums, the pictures bring out into the public the relationship between the artist and his muse, who in front of the lens becomes sensual, spontaneous and natural. 

The circle is in perfect accord with the feminine lines, each and any of them being perfection. The sensuous yet firm nature of the wood allows it to be influenced, but not entirely, keeping its masculine and abrasive character.

The material used and the muse’s body, stripped of inhibitions, are brought together in a divine fusion, an Ying-Yang unification, meant to shed light on both aspects, each adding value to the other by their opposition. 

The circle-like perfection of nakedness comes from its relationship with the viewer, who turns from an inert on-looker into a direct and active accomplice. It is his conscience that accepts its own nakedness and identifies itself with the universal idea left behind by the nude’s footprint.

The circle, essence and symbol of infinite immateriality turns the shameful idea of nude into natural perfection.

Wood be Nice is the cultural melting pot where Daniel Loagăr and Andrei Cornea cook with or without recipe our food for thought. They throw in images and objects, music and form, spicing them up with poetry and feelings, blending them all into their personal vision of the world. Their art is the collage, the mixture and transformation of “what is” into what “it could be” – a sort of personal revolution.

Words may come to an end, but thoughts are never-ending, and their art takes form and decomposes again through photography and trans-photography, objects lost or cast away, through poetry, music, street-art and last but not least, love.

The exhibition will bring to you 30 of the artists’ photographs on recycled wood. 

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