rotor, Graz: Performanceserie




Part 4: Thursday, 17th of July, 4 pm, Duration: 30 min. 

at < rotor >, Volksgartenstraße 6a, 8020 Graz

Episodes of this Performanceserie will take place on a regular basis in the frame of the current exhibition The Artists are present.

Additional dates:

Episode 1: Thursday, June 5, during the opening (short teaser)

Episode 2: Thursday, June 12, 4 pm (30 min.) 

Episode 3: Thursday, July 10, 4 pm (30 min.) 

Episode 4: Thursday, July 17, 4 pm (30 min.) 

Episode 5: Thursday, August 28, 4 pm (30 min.) 

Episode 6: Thursday, September 4, 4 pm (30 min.) 

Episode 7: Saturday, September 13, 12 am (Finale and Artists' Talk)

Veza María Fernández Ramos and Christina Lederhaas appear together as "grübelproductions" and in their collaborative project KNIHT they deal with thinking processes as body phenomena, which they visualize with movements and gestures. A total of seven performances is scheduled for the duration of the exhibition. Each of these performances will deal with a different aspect of thinking. 

grübelproductions are Veza María Fernández Ramos and Christina Lederhaas, both live in Graz

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