Rodeo Gallery, Istanbul: Ancient city of Troy comes back to life & SCUM Tapes

Fung Tsui Massing study based on Troy IX – the super-block

An exhibition of projects done by students of Peter Karl Becher and Matthew Barnett Howland at the Architectural Association London in 2011/12

Scum Tapes 68-99 (re-edited 2013) by Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley

Scum Tapes 68-99 (re-edited 2013) by Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley (1955, Melbourne and 1957, Brisbane Australia)

Exhibition: 3 July – 27 July 2013
As the public space is constantly negotiated and fought for in our cities, forums are being organized, walks are happening every day and power is constantly exercised in various uninspired ways, Rodeo puts together an exhibition that questions forms and solid construction, brings together a number of proposals of how we could activate an archaeological site. 

The work is an academic research and does not pretend to be a response to current conversations about the use of public space today. Troy X is a metaphor for any place but also a list of specific ideas of a group of students of the AA that visited the site and responded to it.

Exhibiting students are Gary Dupont, Joel Ho, Harpreet Marway, Kien Pham, Jing Qiao, Stefania Triantafyllou, Fung Tsui, Philip Turner.

In juxtaposition the work Scum Tapes 68-99 by Janet Burchil and Jennifer McCamley brings back certain parts of Valerie Solana’s SCUM Manifesto (1968). In an ultra humorous, home acting and DIY recording technics the actors become ‘terrorists’ against the macho society that dominates the world we live in.

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