Risha Project/Sava Marinković&Harry Pannon/Notes On Graphic Journalism @brod ŽUPA

7/11/2013, 7pm

NOTES ON GRAPHIC JOURNALISM is a small collection of materials, theoretical texts, comics, sketches and concepts created during the workshop on graphic journalism that took place in Elektrika gallery in October 2013. Of course, this manual is not pretending to explain all the aspects of this topic, although it can be a good starting point for those who want to explore this context and inform themselves better about it. On the pages of this zine you will find works and texts by Aleksandar Zograf, Vuk Palibrk, Vladimir Palibrk, Boris Stanić, Hanja Mićović, Ester Vanhoutte. Project is co-financed by the municipality of Pančevo.



– Sava Marinković is present on the european scene in last few years with his projects, in which he combines guitar sound and the elements of electronic music. This time, accompanied by his colleague Harry Pannon, he will perform an improvised set inspired by the circumstances of performance: ship ŽUPA is an ex industrial steamboat, abandoned place full of shadows and forgotten stories…

RISHA PROJECT is an online comics magazine, oriented towards publishing comics, graphic art and interviews with comics artists, activists, street art authors and other actors that are coming from the marginalized art scenes from all over the world. Exhibition in the Spanish House is marking first ten months of Risha's existence, and introducing the artworks of following collaborators:

The Freaks collective /Lebanon/,

Gianluca Costantini /Italy/,

Arianna Vairo /Italy/,

Baysan Yuksel /Tukey/,

Boris Stanić /Serbia/,

Sorina Vasilescu /Romania/,

Saddam Alljumaily /Jordan/,

Aleksandar Zograf /Serbia/,

Shadi Abosada /Syria/, 

Ozgur Erman /Turkey/, 

Agnieszka Piksa /Poland/, 

Twins Cartoon /Egypt/, 

Khmir Issam /Tunisia/, 

Nazir Tanbouli /Egypt/UK/, 

David Lasky /USA/, 

Vladan Nikolić /Serbia/,

Aleksandar Todorović /Serbia/

Miloš Rajković /Serbia/

and many others..

Curator/Editor: Vladimir Palibrk 

RISHA PROJECT initiative was born in January 2013 under the common frame of Cultural Innovators Network platform, which is coordinated by Goethe Institute Alexandria. Risha Project is implemented through cooperation of Elektrika association and a number of international partner organisations.

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