Ring Gallery, Salzburg: Schallplan

Photo: Courtesy Galerie Jette Rudolph Berlin/Rotwand, Zürich

Constantin Luser

Ring Gallery

For Constantin Luser, drawing is a media instrument of perception; it is a storage place and record of his thoughts and experience. For him, drawing is a process that begins at a certain point only to then become independent.

Constantin Luser’s record-like small and large format drawings are multilayered systems that work with words, codes, symbols, as well as abstract and figurative elements. They appear as complex constructs in which a branched, visual cosmos is accompanied by associative texts and word creations. In the process, the inner and outer world, or reality and imagination, are inseparably interwoven.

Music is an essential component of Constantin Luser’s work. Before he begins working, he gets in the mood by playing different instruments. Music accompanies him while he is working, and he also pays attention to noises around him; both flow into his work. Comparable to electronic data or music streams, he covers large surfaces with graphics, letting them escalate, meander, compressing them, like a score for contemporary music.

This is contrasted with compartmentalized drawings as traces and fragments of informational units upon which he focuses at a certain point in the data stream. Architecture and landscape elements, small scenic arrangements, snapshots, animals, or musical instructions offer insight into a reservoir of images that also links to the artist’s biographical moments again and again.

Constantin Luser, born 1976 in Graz, lives and works in Vienna. www.constantinluser.net


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