0gms Gallery presents:

REALITIES & TOGETHERNESS 30.11.2012 – 06.01.2013

Opening: 30 November 2012 – 20.00pm

Artists: Ana de Almeida, Andrea Lueth , Albért Bernàrd ,Bernhard Weber, Clemens Denk, Jakub Vrba, Krafftmalerei, Martin Music, Martin Sturm, Philipp Hanich, Thomas Weinberger

The collaborative exhibition between the showroom LOVE_ from Vienna and the 0gms gallery in Sofia deals with questions of the group. LOVE_ sees the project as a concentrated model of like-minded, establishing the positive aspects and the resulting difficulties of such an association in the small group. Preliminary findings will be developed in the show and folded to the big picture, apportioned to the not Exemplary. Collective thinking and acting has pushed us forward, but also brought us in untold difficulties and is therefore behind shine as one of the most important survival strategies but also as a disaster.


12, Ljuben Karavelov Str.

1142 Sofia, Bulgaria

Opening hours: Thursday- Saturday 3.00pm – 7.00pm contact@0gms.com; www.0gms.com; / + 359 899 911 599

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