Raster Gallery: One Piece Too Little

Raster gallery invites you for the opening of Oskar Dawicki's exhibition, 'One Piece Too Little'.

In his latest works, the artist raises the question of where the limits of spectacle are set with regard to art and to life – of the difference between display and purpose, between representation and reconstruction, between a creation and the profane. The artist refers to one of the most significant figures of modern art in Poland – the figures of the victims in Andrzej Wróblewski's 'Rozstrzelania' (Executions). A series of photographs is accompanied by a site-specific installation.

A meeting with the artist and a signature-forging workshop (based on Dawicki's own signature) will also take place as part of the Warsaw Gallery Weekend. 

September 27th (Friday), 17:00-22:00

Opening of the exhibition 

September 28th & 29th, 12:00-16:00

Brunch in Raster's garden

September 28th (Saturday), 14:00

Signature-forging workshop 

Exhibition open until 09.11.2013

Exhibition in the frame of Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2013


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