Raster Gallery: NEW HISTORIES

Raster Gallery invites you for an exhibition opening

Zbigniew Libera


Saturday, November the 17th, 6-9 PM


 ul. Wspólna 63

00-687 Warszawa

The show is a premiere of new photographs by Zbigniew Libera. Libera, most famous for his "LEGO Concentration Camp", is an artist whose works have been considered iconic in the art history of Central and Eastern Europe of the last 30 years. With many older Libera's works we were forced to grapple with the traumas of the past, while with "New Histories" we measure up to the nightmarish visions of the future. In various ways Libera illuminates the most obvious of futurist frames – the apocalypse.

 Exhibition open till 12.01.2013

 More info: www.rastergallery.com

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