Propaganda Gallery: Contemporary Art Book

Mariusz Tarkawian

Contemporary Art Book


Mariusz Tarkawian had achieved a unsurpassed precision in the employment of his medium.

His chosen trade is drawing, a pencil – favorite tool. Executed in a flash and with photographic precision his drawings constitute a snap-shot recording of an exact moment, or data, or photograph, reproduction – a reworking of an art piece. His body of work consists thousands of drawings. Sometimes he likes to create drawings directly on the very walls of the galleries and institutions housing his shows.

Some time ago he started to redraw more and less known works of contemporary art. In this collection we can find famous pieces, this known only to connoisseurs but also those by emerging artists. Warhol, Koons, Chapman brothers find their place by the side with Sasnal, Bogacka but also Magda Sawicka or Kacper Kapela. The full index of names would count more than two hundred.

With time all those re-drawings add up to a personal, subjective history of modern and contemporary art. Redrawn works act as boxes for comic-stripes elaborating archetypal art themes – love, dreams and death.

Exhibition opens: Saturday December 7th, 2013,  5-8 pm

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