Lauba House: Premiere Lovro Artukoivc

„Berlin! Berlin! Wir fahren nach Berlin!''

Too far to go? Come to Lauba, Prilaz baruna Filipovica 23a, because Berlin's cultural and fashion extravagance inspired new art works of Lovro Artukovic!

Premiere is on November 6th, don't be late!

After the regional premieres of his paintings Models posing for Pièta and Pièta in reverse in November 2011, we again have the pleasure of being the first in Croatia to present Lovro Artuković’s new works: Ari in a trash costume and Giuliano (in a creation by Manuela Pot) with his dog Vino.

Like his older works, the new paintings represent situations that Artuković created in his Berlin studio with the help of his models.

After the artistic interpretation of themes taken from Christian iconography, the works featured in this year’s production attempt to synthesize the artist’s own vision of Berlin popular culture (especially fashion and costume design) with the legacy of the masters of baroque portraiture, as well as the earlier, more ornamental cycles from Artuković‘s own opus.

These paintings are dominated by the minutely detailed treatment of textures, as well as the apparent tactility of the painted forms. For this occasion, Giuliano dons a creation made from Japanese jeans, a rougher and thicker high-quality fabric produced through a specific treatment of cotton. Ari’s dance costume, made from bubble wrap used for packaging fragile shipments, gives off an air of science fiction. It is precisely because of the obvious inclusion of certain elements of science fiction, scenic spectacle and the Berlin sense of fashion that the costumed models cannot be understood as literal quotations of historical portrait art. Ari and Giuliano are the costumed bearers of situations through which Artuković parodies the idea of Berlin as a city of fashion and at the same time skilfully expands their characterization.

Lovro Artuković was born in 1959 in Zagreb, Croatia.

His painting style is based on figuration and intimism, for which he often cites or reinterprets scenes from the collective memory. He worked as an assistant professor for nine years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He then moved to Berlin where he still works as a freelance artist. He has had numerous solo exhibitions, including ''I See Pictures Seen By Someone Else (Beck Gallery, Zagreb, 2001.) “The Repository”, Textile Factory Zagreb, TKZ (2004), “Zero-gravity Paintings”, Labor 019, Berlin (2004), “Observation”, Prima Center Berlin (2005), “64”, Josip Račić Gallery, Zagreb (2006), Headtrip (Linienstrasse 113, Berlin).

In 2008 the retrospective exhibition “The Best Paintings” featuring his work from the period 1984 to 2008 was held at the Klovićevi dvori Gallery in Zagreb, and an accompanying catalogue by Blaženka Perica entitled "The best paintings" (Klovićevi dvori Gallery, Zagreb, 2008) was published on that occasion. In 2001, Artuković received the Croatian Society of Artists Award for the best exhibition. Two movies have been made about his work: the experimental film "Theft" directed by Lukas Nola in 2004 and the documentary film "L.A. Unfinished" by Igor Mirković in 2008. In 2012, he built the scenography for Julia Ceh and Charlotte Roos's play ''The Yellow Line'', directed by Ivica Buljan (ZKM).

He lives and works in Berlin, Germany. 

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