PILOT Gallery, Istanbul: Play your part and the script will follow

Play your part and the script will follow



PİLOT hosts "Play your part and the script will follow", a solo exhibition by Burak Delier between September 12 and October 26.

Burak Delier examines the relationship between capitalism and contemporary art in the way that it intervenes into the system through his use of guerilla strategies and tactics derived from everyday life. He tries to open up a fresh space against the suppressing cultural practices and endeavors to position himself from a distance that of power structures. Thus, he problematizes himself and his art through constant research as such.

 ‘Play your part and the script will follow’ is comprised of video, sculpture and installations wherein current artistic practices and their relation to the economics are being discussed. While having an intersection of both domains in hand, the discussion aims at making escape strategies and all kinds of submission visible.

The video ‘Crisis and Control’ considers on the relationship between individual and him/herself, his/her labor and his/her environment through the perspection of the life-style that is imposed by neo-liberalism and flexible work conditions. Careerism, future anxiety, focus on success, brutality of the business world and competitiveness are being "performed" and deciphered by real professionals. Delier asks them to do yoga exercises wearing their suits. By doing so, he emphasizes the prevalence of a crisis within which the boundaries between organisational and private conflict each other inevitably through physical challenge. The video becomes a session in which neo-liberal economy lies on a couch and pours. It inholds the privacy of a therapy room.

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