PLATFORM X: OPEN CALL for young interactive and new media artists in Bucharest, Romania

PLATFORM X > OPEN CALL for young interactive and new media artists in Bucharest, Romania

Preparatory to the 9th edition of the eXplore Dance Festival – Bucharest International Contemporary Dance and Performance Festival, Romania’s main dance and performance event, 4Culture Association in co-production with Tangaj Dance kick start Platform X – a residency program dedicated to the new generation of interactive artists across Europe that supports the research and the production of interactive, new and trans-media projects.

Seeking to express a critical understanding of technology, the X Platform program is open to young visual artists who are concerned with the syncretism between artistic genres, with a main focus on digital projects and interdisciplinary installations. The creative platform’s hot-spot is the technological invasion in contemporary art. Biotechnology, genetic engineering and molecular robotics, somatic exploration of light, sound or other technological mechanisms are speculated in the context of immersive video-art installations, which may or may not have performative value.

Based in Bucharest, Romania WASP – Working Art Space & Production is an independent alternative space with a focus on contemporary dance, visual arts experiments, underground contemporary theatre and multimedia addicts. Repurposing 500 square meters of an old communist factory, the place hosts two modern studios, exhibition spaces, as well as the 4Culture Association’s offices.

Leaving the institutionalized art world behind, the project is a manifesto for creativity and innovation for the new generation. Platform X does not encourage a static perspective, but envisions space in continuous motion and transformation. The aesthetic purpose of the platform is to arouse curiosity, to play with perception and to introduce original performative processes that create a sense of deliberate disorientation. The project’s starting point will be a one month residency at WASP – Working Art Space and Production in Bucharest, where the artists will work on the production of individual or group projects under mentorship sessions that aim to complement by workshops and public discussions.

The first edition of the X Platform will be curated by Olivia Nitiș.

The mentors of X Platform’s first edition: Ciprian Ciuclea, Jan Eugen and Cosmina Chituc, Marilena Preda Sânc.

Application period: July 15 to August 8, 2014.

Deadline: Friday, August 8, 2014.

Accepted applicants will be contacted throughout August 11-17, 2014.

Residency and production period: August 18 — September 14, 2014.

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