PILOT Gallery, Istanbul: Gökçe Erhan- “Ballad of Shame”

Young artist Gökçe Erhan is going to present the performance "Ballad of Shame" on 2nd January, 2013 at Pilot.

"I was dragged towards the desolate streets

And could not escape from his strong arms pulling my hair

I had become a snake, a scorpion and a destroyer 

Yet could not get rid of his barbed promises." (from Ballad of Shame"

What would happen to a woman wearing a white wedding gown as a symbol of innocence and virginity tailored by the gender roles? Would sudden explosion of anger, helplessness of not objecting to tradition, delirium stemming from the depression of unemployment explain honor killing to women threatened or men threatening? Is violence an issue only valid for survivors of it, that is, the women? What about abuse, rape and other forms of violence? This ballad is as black as their bruises, sadness, chapped skin, and burst veins.

The performance that will begin at 19:30 at PİLOT Gallery will take 10 minutes and will not be repeated.

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