Pilot Gallery, Istanbul/ 20XX: Relics

20XX: Relics

Larissa Sansour,  Deniz Üster,  Berk Çakmakçı,  Gökçen Dilek Acay,  Can Kurucu,  İz Öztat,  Dikran Taş


Co-Pilot is pleased to announce the group exhibition 20XX: Relics curated by Amira Akbıyıkoğlu, between the dates of 18 September – 25 October, presenting works by Larissa Sansour, Deniz Üster, İz Öztat, Dikran Taş, Berk Çakmakçı, Gökçen Dilek Acay and Can Kurucu.

So many things vanish. Yet relics remain and crystallize whether in the form of rites, myths, artifacts; or images, buildings, landscapes and cities. The artists in 20XX: Relics deal with these relics through the mutations / transformations of identity, nature, data as well as body, either by sharing visions of future or archiving (accumulated digital) leftovers and sacred commons.

The exhibition leaves the viewer experiencing the merging of natural and artificial, vertical and horizontal, IRL and URL. Potential disidentification and positioning concerns of an imagined future (or a rehandled past) set up an unfamiliar scene of various familiar mediums such as Internet, desert, human body and a seeds. Each artist adopts a distinct approach and aesthetic attitude to describe the state of detachment from reality, or realization of reality. Combining minimal yet strong imagery with complex sources, they re-use culturally, physically and politically loaded material.

This is the inaugural exhibition of the project 20XX. 20XX intends to be a long-term venture that will manifest itself through group exhibitions, solo presentations, talks & discussions and will explore close collaborations with different disciplines, ranging from music to culinary arts, design to fashion.

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