Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul: WHEN WE WERE LITTLE


April 12 – May 13, 2012

Ayşe Wilson’s second solo exhibition in İstanbul is now on display at the PG Art Gallery.

The allure of Wilson’s paintings, which caught the attention of art-lovers in Turkey with her exhibition “Baby Swimmers” in 2007, stems from the optimism and vital energy they contain. The artist, who creates lively colors and childish characters, reminds viewers that a human being can be hopeful despite all the troubles of life.

Taking youth, innocence and the timeless space we occupy when we are very young as her subject matter, Wilson’s paintings portray once again a hopeful, yet carefree essence, as well as a nostalgia for youthful fantasy in her “When we were little” series.

Drawing from pure imagination and emotion in her paintings, rather than life observation or photographs, Wilson’s perspective, woven with personal reflections, takes everyone back to their childhood memories, where things felt innocent and safe. Saying, “I am interested in the idea that for everyone there was always a time, usually a long ago time, in which things felt safe and good”, the artist points out that the works of the early Italian Renaissance by masters like Fra Angelico, where strong, simple forms told great stories, are her main sources of inspiration.

Pg Art Gallery
Bogazkesen Cad.No.76/B

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