December 20 2011 – January 21 2012

“Sipping her coffee and taking her vitamins and anti-depressants, checking the pepper-spray in her bag and stroking her pet, one hurls herself into the daily routine with the power bestowed by medication. What’s on her mind? What does her memory hide? It’s her city that an earthquake will eventually strike. She cannot know the irrelevance of seeking sanctuary in the law even though terrorism spawns from every corner or even though there’s the possibility of being raped by forty people within the hour. Her world gives her crowds, terrible TV shows, biased news, violence, fear and solitude. I am only trying to witness to what is being lived…”

Füruzan Şimşek

Pg art gallery is proud to present “thirteenthousandonehundredandforty”, a solo show by Füruzan Şimşek.

The person trapped in the tightening circle of monotonous contemporary life, forms the general perspective of the artist’s work. Every emotion, every object, every image is viable for our attention. From anti-depressants to heavy-duty machinery from MOBESE cameras to flagstones, everything in her artwork can become the main subject. Şimşek draws our attention to how mundane objects can be perceived as extraordinary.

Within the system that plays with explicit and introverted rules, the artist turns towards the products that one wished to decline and yet embraces. Her artwork is shaped by her life, her influences and her observations. Her aversion from depicting space in her work, her focus upon objects and figures are explained by the overemphasis of individualization in the today’s.

The artist makes ironic references to the diseased state of the person from a free and unfettered background. In the process, she refers to her own life and in this exhibition; she reveals the “thirteenthousandonehundredandforty” days she lived.

Pg Art Gallery
Bogazkesen Cad.No.76/B
Tophane, Istanbul

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