Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul: Spare parts

Spare parts / Hale Güngör Oppenheimer
March 1 – April 7 2013


Pg Art Gallery is proud to present a solo show, ‘Spare parts’ by Hale Güngör Oppenheimer on March 1 – April 7.

Having spent about half of her lifetime outside her home country, not speaking her mother tongue, and holding the status of ‘the foreigner’, the questioning of belonging versus alienation, as well as the concern of how to reconstitute a home have come to surface in Hale Güngör Oppenheimer’s works. The artist’s collages put disturbance and ease into question through a cultural framework, while relating the collage technique itself to the phenomenon of migration. Güngör Oppenheimer uses collage not only as a medium, but also as a product of the scattered and, at times, absurd subconscious.

As artist and author Svetlana Boym said: “The home that one leaves and the home away from home that one creates sometimes have more in common than one would like to admit. A portable home away from home, which an immigrant ferociously guards, preserves an imprint of his or her cultural motherland.” The migrant’s re-created dwelling has become something new: something more than just a home away from home and something more than the motherland, which has long been visualized, idealized, and thus, altered in the mind. It is now a hybrid of two utopias in one.

In her latest paintings to be seen in ‘Spare Parts’, Hale Güngör Oppenheimer turns void and that which is not yet constructed into essential elements of the works by exposing raw parts of the canvas.

Pg Art Gallery
Bogazkesen Cad.No.76/B
Tuesday – Sunday 11:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays.

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