Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul: KNOT

KNOT/ Devran Mursaloğlu
May 22 – June 20, 2012

Pg Art Gallery is proud to present a solo show, ‘knot’ by Devran Mursaloğlu.

Mursaloğlu’s works, composed of paper strings, encounter us as a three-dimensional visualization of present-day social, economic and artistic systems and thought structures.

Mursaloğlu’s installations feature scattered, heterogeneous and arbitrarily composed webs, rather than spreading linearly from a specific center as in the case of traditional hierarchies. This web structure has a quality of dynamic, ever-changing and chaotic characters, like the production and distribution of knowledge, art and social communication in the contemporary period.

In her current show, the artist breaks down the two dimensional understanding of the universe and knowledge through the transformation of paper into string, by twisting it along its axis, and then turning this string into webs. Mursaloğlu shares the process of searching and the quest for truth in her own life with the viewers through these web structures.

Pg Art Gallery
Bogazkesen Cad.No.76/B

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