Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul: A GLANCE AT THE METROPOLIS

Jak Baruh


March 14 – April 8, 2012

Jak Baruh is greeting art-lovers with his new solo show ‘Looking at the Metropolis’ at the PG Art Gallery.

Behind the glorious appearances of the world’s most influential metropolises and amidst the commotion that prevails within them, there exist chaotic masses of life. With their disorder, competition with ‘time’, and confusion, these residential areas present dynamic lives, on the one hand, but can also become stages of political formations and resistance, on the other.

In his exhibition inspired by the cosmopolitan structure, texture and political environment of cities, Jak Baruh turn his lens beyond the continent, documents both ordinary and unordinary moments, and reveals the gigantic buildings and herds of New York. By means of digital technology, the artist creates a multi-layered effect in his works while combining images of the city, just as such metropolises incorporate individuals from various nations.
For the viewer, ‘Looking at the Metropolis’ becomes an act not just of observation, but also of witnessing what happens in far away geographies.

Pg Art Gallery
Bogazkesen Cad.No.76/B

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