From the classical film structure to newer forms of storytelling
Nicolae Constantin Tănase in dialogue with Raluca Mănescu

Thursday, 30 May 2013, 19.00

@PAVILION | proudly supported by UniCredit Țiriac Bank
Str. C.A. Rosetti 36 (Entrance from str. Jean Louis Calderon)

Nicolae Constantin Tănase, still frame from “Zombie Infection 3″, film, 13 min, 35 mm/bw, 2008

The three-act stucture is centered around the main character. Action moves the story forward and shapes the main character. What the character does/doesn’t do shapes his destiny and turns him into a hero. The journey is archetypal – it can be defined by certain rules and traces. The hero ventures from the common world of everyday into the supernatural wonder: into an adventure.

People have been telling the same stories for centuries. In the age of “The holy Internet”, where people are more and more visually entertained it is very hard to keep them happy with just compelling structures, great dialogue and beautiful actors. It is very hard to keep them involved for long periods of time as well (the youtube “click away” problem – “I don`t like it, I don`t have to see it”). We need visual booms to feel entertained. We are brighter than ever (from a cinematic point of view), but also more demanding than ever.

Cinema is evolving at a pace where younger filmmakers are freed from the classical compounds that were once a rule. Film-structures, genres and amateurish filming-techniques merge to become a constant surprise for the audience, and thus to keep them entertained. We are a generation with unprecedented freedom to express ourselves – whether we decide to use mobile phones, accessible cameras or the latest ARRI – whether we decide to bring it to the big screen (in cinemas) or on your mobile device – the question is just how you want to tell your story.

Age 27, Nicolae Constantin Tănase graduated the “Film Directing Faculty” within the National University of Theatre and Film I.L. Caragiale, in 2009. His short school project films, “Outrageously Disco” and “Zombie Infectors 3”, had won numerous awards in international festivals. “Blu”, his first short after graduation, brought him the “TRANSILVANIA IFF 2012” – “Best Romanian Short Trophy”, the Jury Award for “Best International Short” in “Cortex Sintra Short Film Festival 2012” and most importantly, “The GOPO Award for Young Promising Talent” in 2013. Nicolae’s feature-debut ,“The World is Mine”, is currently in pre-production with the support of Libra Film and De Film. Nicolae Constantin Tănase is a participant in the current exhibiton at Pavilion, “Common Nostalgia”, curated by Eugen Rădescu.

Raluca Mănescu graduated the “Screenwriting Department” within the National University of Theatre and Film I.L. Caragiale, in 2010. She wrote the script for several award winning short films, working with many young directors – BLU, d. Nicolae Constantin Tănase (“Best Romanian Short Trophy”, TRANSILVANIA IFF 2012, “The GOPO Award for Young Promising Talent” in 2013), Outrageously Disco, d. Nicoalae Constantin Tănase, Vera vs. ursul de bibliotecă, d. Luiza Pârvu, Afterparty, d. Ivana Mladenovici. Her feature debut, “The World is Mine”, is now in pre-production.

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